Westex Carpets

Westex Carpets is based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire: the heart of England's traditional wool textile industry. Westex can ensure that each manufacturing process from wool to carpet is carried out to exacting quality standards, as all the processes are not only based in the United Kingdom, but also owned and controlled by Westex.

Ultima Twist is Westex’s flagship carpet range with 120 colours available in eight different qualities.

Westex Velvet offers richness, comfort and style in a deluxe carpet which comes in three qualities and 96 colours

Westex’s Pure Luxury 100% Wool and 100% Wool loop ranges offer an array of luxurious styles and textures.

For subtly complementing colours, choose from the Westex Designer Stripe and Point range of wool twist carpets. 

Westex’s Traditional Twist offers high quality tufted carpet with added twist. This gives a more textured and rugged surface appearance.

For heavy duty residential or heavy duty contract locations, the Oxford stripe from Westex has 12 velvet Multistripe options.